Mac Product Key Finder Press Kit

Thank you for interest in our products. As a member of a press you qualify for a free license of Mac Product Key Finder Pro, which you can use for review and for your personal use as well. For more information about free license drop us email at or visit this page.

Here you can download all the materials you might need as a member of a press:

All in one archive (ZIP, 7.3 MB):

Or can you can download each file directly:

Data sheet

Data sheet - PDF document

Application icons

Freeware 1024x1024 PNG alpha
Freeware 512x512 PNG alpha
Freeware 256x256 PNG alpha

Professional 1024x1024 PNG alpha
Professional 512x512 PNG alpha
Professional 256x256 PNG alpha


Boxshot 64px - PNG alpha
Boxshot 220px - PNG alpha
Boxshot 1000px - PNG alpha
Boxshot large - PNG alpha

Boxshot 64px - JPG white
Boxshot 220px - JPG white
Boxshot 1000px - JPG white
Boxshot large - JPG white


Freeware version screenshot
Professional version screenshot