FAQ - frequently asked questions

Q: Why can't it just support all apps?

A: We wish it was that simple. Each program stores its product key in unique place in unique way. Some developers even get creative in hiding it, encrypting it or not even storing it in the system at all.

Q: I have hundreds of programs installed, but your program found only 10 product keys, why?

A: First of all how many of these hundreds programs actually have products key? How many of them are free? Secondly, there are billions of programs in the world and it would be impossible to support every program, since each program is storing its product key in unique way and place. Currently Mac Product Key Finder freeware supports 69 apps and Pro version supports 864 apps.

Finally you need to understand that Mac Product Key Finder doesn't do any magic. If product key is there program will recover it, don't expect program to recover your product keys from trial versions - this is not a keygen.

Q: It didn't show my Office 2011 product key, will Pro version do that?

A: Microsoft Office 2011 is NOT supported by Free or Pro versions, and no, unfortunately we cannot add it, since it's encrypted. It will however work on Beta version of Office 2011

Q: Will it work on apps purchased through Mac AppStore?

A: No. It will not work on apps purchased through Mac AppStore, since they simply come without serial numbers.

According to "Mac App Store Review Guidelines", 2.19. Apps that require license keys or implement their own copy protection will be rejected

Q: What about Aperture, Final Cut, Logic Studio, Roxio Toast Titanium?

A: Aperture, Final Cut, Logic Studio, Roxio Toast Titanium are NOT supported by Free or Pro versions as well. Even though we know where they store their product keys - all of them are encrypted.

Q: Do you have product key finder for Windows?

A: Sure, we have. Our product key finder for Windows called "Recover Keys" supports thousands of Windows programs and is best tool for recovering product keys on Windows.

Q: On which operating systems will your programs work?

A: Mac Product Key Finder Pro is working on 10.6 Snow Leopard - 12.0 Monterey.
Mac Product Key Finder Freeware is working on 10.6 Snow Leopard - 12.0 Monterey

Ordering FAQ

Q: Do I need to pay once for the software, or there are monthly / yearly fees?

A: No, you need to purchase it only once. All minor updates are provided for free.

Q: What's the refund policy?

A: Please refer to this link

Q: Is it secure to order online?

A: Yes, it is 100% secure. We use a major credit card and order fulfillment center called CleverBridge.

Q: I have just purchased the program. What's next?

A: After your order details will be verified by CleverBridge, you will receive email with activation key.

Q: Where can I download full version of Mac Product Key Finder Pro?

A: Full version is the same as demo version - you can simply unlock demo by entering your license key which you will receive after your purchase is complete.

Q: What's the upgrade policy?

A: Any updates released within the same Major version is provided free of cost. If we'll add a drastic amount of features then we may up the version number and the cost of the upgrade will be nominal and will be determined at that time.